Methodists Use Better Land Mine Removal Process

In cooperation with the Accelerated Demining Program (ADP), an effort of the Mozambique government and the United Nations, the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries will cover the cost of one or more Mine Detection Dog Teams of two dogs each to work with a machine called the Mine Tech Agri Flail. The flail is more efficient than a bulldozer or metal detector in exposing land mines on the ground. "This machine will reduce a project, that otherwise would have taken 10 months, to a two-month project," says Paul Dirdak, chief executive of the board's UM Committee on Relief.

ADP will be using a combination of the flail, dog teams, and its own human staff of 500 people. A secondary school will be built on a part of the demined property, and other projects will be developed or supported by the Methodist bodies as specific regions are demined.

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