Scathing Rebuke?



We were amazed at the article by Rick Warren, "Let Culture Determine Your Style of Worship." This seems to be a scathing rebuke to those of us who prefer the old ways...the Old Time Religion, as the song goes. Making non-Christians comfortable in church is a new one to me. "Comfort ye one another with these words..." shows me that God is interested in comforting the afflicted, but He is probably equally interested in afflicting the comfortable. [Rick Warren's] ideas are drawing a crowd for sure, but the "multitude" in Jesus day was not the same as "the believers." A "come-one-come-all" mentality for building God's church will always be laced with Satan's plants.

Go on with your "new" worship service, but don't feel superior to the rest of your brothers and sisters who are more blessed by the old hymns, piano and organ music and who hold to heroes of the faith from of old (Hudson Taylor, George Mueller etc.).

And to the "fundamentalists," don't shoot at your techno-brothers and sisters. For the sake of a lost world, let's show them that the most important issue is Jesus Christ!

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