Endorsing Christian Rock?


Wally Morris

Rick Warren's article raises questions in my mind about your paper. Warren is well known for using Christian rock to attract unsaved people. By including his article in your paper, are you now endorsing Christian rock as a valid method of worship? Exactly what is your position on contemporary Christian rock?

Warren raises a "straw-man" argument of organ music & hymns and then asks "Do you listen to choir music in your leisure?" As a matter of fact, I do, along with other good music.

The reason 2/3 of churches in America aren't growing is because of their liberal theology. Traditional music has very little to do with it. There is no doubt that we should make our services understandable and as non-threatening as possible. There is no doubt that we can do a better job with our music. But Warren has in mind a lot more than this in his article.

Rick Warren emphasizes that we don't change our message but we can change our methods. Sounds good, until you realize that his methods include Christian rock, which makes as much sense as a Christian prostitute. And if your methods are unscriptural, eventually your message will be too.

Editor's note: The article by Rick Warren was not intended to endorse "Christian rock" in any way, but to challenge us to evaluate our effectiveness in reaching the lost with the gospel.

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