'High-Tech Gleaning' Could Alleviate World Hunger

by religiontoday.crosswalk.com

High-Tech Gleaning' Could Alleviate World Hunger

With more than 800 million chronically hungry people in the world, it may seem impossible for one person to make a difference, says Steve Nelson, director of hunger concerns for the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. But, Nelson says, the Old Testament practice of gleaning shows how God can use one person's leftovers to provide for others in need.

"The practice of gleaning was God's way of telling His people to leave some portion of their abundance on a regular basis for people in need," Nelson told a chapel audience at the International Mission Board in Richmond, Va. "In the same way, your little bit of spare change can make a difference too."

He recalled a project in Uganda where missionaries were able to feed thousands of refugees at a cost of 12 cents per meal. In fact, if one million Southern Baptists gave just $20 a month through the ERLC's direct-debit giving program, gifts to the World Hunger Fund would be multiplied 25 times, Nelson says. "Debit gifts are easy and quick. We call it high-tech gleaning.'"

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