"The Talking Flame"

by Kevin Gordon

"The Talking Flame"

God had much to say to Moses the day he stood before the burning bush. He had a divine plan for His people. They had been in Egypt for four hundred and thirty years and now it was time for them to be delivered out of the hands of the Egyptians.

Most of us have heard many sermons and lessons taken from this third chapter of Exodus, in which we see the calling of a great leader, the man Moses.

Although this story of the burning bush happened many years ago, God is still speaking through this bush today. There are still many lessons in this talking flame that we as God's servants need to hear. In this passage is direction, assurance, and encouragement. And whether you are a senior pastor, a Sunday school teacher or a missionary, we all need what this beautiful passage has to offer.

Not only did God call Moses into a great work, He also gave him the assurance of His divine presence. "Certainly I will be with thee" (v. 12), He assured Moses. The Lord wanted Moses to be successful. He wanted to accomplish His will and purpose in his life. In order for Moses to do the will of God successfully, he had to have God with him.

Many times in the Bible God gave individuals the assurance of His presence. Why? Because that is the only way they could be effective. He told Jeremiah, "I am with thee" (Jer. 1:8). He told Joshua, "As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee" (Judg. 6:16). What comfort! What power!

What about us? We who are in the ministry of Jesus Christ certainly need God's presence in order for us to do His work effectively. He is the only one who can touch the hearts of those to whom we minister. We can't do anything without His power and mercy. It doesn't matter if we are in the pulpit, or sharing His Word one on one at a bus stop; we need Him to be with us. He is the only one who can reach down into a human heart and cause that person to make a decision to follow Christ.

So, if you have been to the burning bush, don't forget the words of the Savior when He said, "Certainly I will be with thee."

Kevin Gordon is an associate minister at the Tabernacle of David Missionary Baptist Church in Vallejo, CA

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