Seven Snares of the Enemy, Breaking Free From the Devil's Grip

by Erwin W. Lutzer

In his own inimitable style, Dr. Lutzer points out six degrading sins that dog the steps of modern humanity. Greed, gambling, alcoholism, pornography, sexual sin, and occultism have prevailed almost from the dawn of history. The author interprets the devastating results these sins have on the present generation.

Greed is a subtle temptation that hovers near all of us. The love of things has permeated American life. We are tempted to make more money so that we can have more things that will impress the people who will help us make more money so that we can get more things. "Greed crouches like a beast within our hearts and is so much a part of us that we cannot see it objectively" (page 35).

Gambling is a sin because it violates the godly principle that we work for what we receive. Gambling in some form is legal in over two-thirds of our states. Gambling is so prevalent that many Christians view it as harmless entertainment.

Dr. Lutzer likewise points out the sinfulness of alcoholism, pornography, sexual sin, and occultism. These sins of the flesh rob the individual of his dignity, demonstrate his rebellion against God, defile and destroy his body, and warp his spiritual perspective. Only the saving power of the living Christ can deliver from the bondage of these habits.

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