TV: The Great Escape! Life Changing Stories From Those Who Dared to Take Control

by Bob DeMoss

Well-known Christian media specialist Bob DeMoss has issued a challenge that merits serious consideration by all Christian families. His challenge: give up TV completely for thirty days. DeMoss's challenge to families across the country forms the basis for this book.

In a light-hearted but serious vein the author documents the trials and successes of families that accepted his challenge. Why should anyone present a challenge to abstain from TV for a month? DeMoss points out that TV keeps lowering the moral barrier; Christians have unconsciously accepted these lowered moral standards. In addition, millions of Christians have become addicted to TV to such an extent that they believe they cannot possibly give it up.

Here are the steps necessary for accepting the challenge: 1) discuss the project with the family and, if possible, gain acceptance by all. Parents may have to make the decisions for the younger members of the family. 2) Provide alternatives to TV: board games, books, outdoor activities, family time, and radio programs. 3) Keep an anecdotal record of each member's genuine response to the project. Each family member should be encouraged to keep his own record. 4) At the end of thirty days evaluate the experiment.

Ask yourself questions similar to these: Did our family become closer through increased conversation? Did doing without TV become easier after each day? Did this experiment shed any light on the bondage that TV had on the family? Do I want to try this again?

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