Genetically Altered Babies

As many as 30 babies-now about a year old-are reported to have genes from two mothers and one father. Researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey reportedly are said to have combined genetic material from donors with egg cells from women who have infertility problems.

Wendy Wright, spokesperson with Concerned Women for America, said such technology reduces babies to consumer products that can be altered on the whims of the parents.

Bill Saunders, with the Family Research Council, said now researchers must deal with other ethical issues. "What if somebody, a parent, wants their kids to be the beauty queens or star athletes and they just manipulate the genes for a result like that?" Saunders asked. "We're just starting to have this discussion, and yet we find out that these scientists have gone ahead and done something like this."

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