Anglican Catechism Says Homosexuality "Divinely Ordered"

A radical change in church teaching on homosexuality, declaring it to be "divinely ordered," was revealed in June, in a catechism commissioned by the archbishop of York. The second most senior churchman in the Church of England, David Hope, wrote the new catechism and describes it in his foreword as "a celebration of Christian living."

The new catechism seeks to define Anglicanism for the first time since Thomas Cranmer wrote The Book of Common Prayer" in 1662. The section on sexuality contradicts official teaching and the views of the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey. The Anglican Church is deeply divided over its teaching on homosexuality and at the last Lambeth Conference bishops hotly debated the issue. In the end, Carey, supported by African and Asian bishops, passed a resolution saying homosexual acts were "incompatible with Scripture." The resolution said "abstinence is right for those who are not called to marriage."

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