You Blew It on Taps

I suspect you will likely hear from many readers regarding the veracity of "TAPS: Its Story." This versionsounds great and makes a great sermon illustration. Unfortunately, itis a widely-circulated Internet rumor that has no basis in factand pastors are ill advised to sacrifice their credibility on the altar of nice stories. The tune known as "Taps" was written during the Civil War by Brig. General Daniel Butterfield and his bugler. The information contained in the story as printedis pure fiction invented by a creative mind.

One good thing about the Internet is that if used wisely you can verify many things, or in this case, debunk myths and rumors. Some sources you can use to that end are or

If those sources are insufficient for verification, then it would seem that checking with the organization involved, in this case, the U.S. Army or a qualified military historian, would be a feasible course of action prior to printing untruth.

Larry Towne

Wichita, Kansas

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