Confessing Presbyterians Call for Papers

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Confessing Presbyterians Call for Papers

The Confessing Church, a grass roots movement within the Presbyterian Church (USA), with over 600 subscribing churches representing over 225,000 members, has issued "A Call for Papers" on basic issues of life and ministry. The solicititation is in preparation for a national celebration with international participation in Atlanta, Georgia, in January or early February 2002.

Topics listed in the "call"-which was forwarded by email by Robert Kopp-include:

What are the practical implications for our ministry when we confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ as God's only Son and the only Savior?

What are the practical implications for our ministry when we confess the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God?

What are the practical implications for our ministry when we confess God calls us to a holy life in obedience to the teachings of the Bible?

What are the distinctive marks of The Confessing Church as a worshiping, nurturing, serving, and connected community of faith?

What do you envision to be the ideal shape of confessing church denominations or associations (PCUSA and other) in the 21st century church?

How should The Confessing Church train leaders (clergy and laity) for congregational ministries (i.e., Confessing seminary? Confessing Bible training institutes)?

How did you become a Confessing church and what have you done to reflect this in your daily ministry?

Since you became a Confessing church, how have you resolved the questions, issues, and problems which have arisen and which issues remain unresolved?

Among the guidelines for submission is this belief requirement: "Papers should include biblical and theological reflection and must support the three affirmations of The Confessing Church: the Lordship of Jesus, authority of the Bible, and call to holy living."

Papers which meet the parameters will be posted on The Confessing Church Website for dialogue. The best papers will be edited (with author approval) for publication at The Confessing Church national celebration in 2002.

According to the "call," submissions should be mailed to "Papers," Confessing Church Movement, P.O. Box 764, Saxonburg, PA 16056.

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