Nelson's Amazing Bible Trivia, Book Two

Here is a book that almost everyone will enjoy. You will find it chock full of puzzles, anecdotes, facts, and historical tidbits. It is an excellent resource for small group gatherings. Or it can be a stimulus to begin serious Bible studies. Some of the offerings are humorous, some are trivial, and some are intellectually challenging.

On the serious side, the compilers of this book have included the chronology of over 100 English translations of the Bible from 1526 (William Tyndale's New Testament) until 1996 (New Living Bible). Equally challenging to the mind is a section on the gods of nations surrounding the Promised Land (Canaanite gods, Egyptian gods, Babylonian gods, and Sumerian gods).

An entire section of thirteen pages lists the teachings and illustrations of Christ. Another long section tells the date that each of the Old and New Testament books was written. Finally, another section reveals interesting and unusual facts about the Bible.

Parents will find this an excellent resource to introduce their children to the wonders of the Bible. Certainly, no church library should be without this book.

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