Real Men Are Godly

by John Greening

This short, short study book offers valuable insight into being a real man. The author points out that a real man exhibits godliness. Godliness is not for the "clergy" only. Godliness should be an attribute of every Christian man.

Using the man Job, Greening points out characteristics of a godly man: He is respected, confident, genuine, compassionate, values-oriented and consistent. Sometimes, like Job, a real Christian man may be falsely accused.

A helpful feature of this study book is a Godliness Quotient Chart. Life areas (family, friends, job, work colleagues) are listed on the left side. Across the page, for each category the individual may rate himself as "Mastered," "Taking Positive Steps Forward," "Mediocre," "Below Average" or "Needing Major Help."

The book does not pretend to be a comprehensive study of godly manhood, but it certainly contains some ideas that point in that direction.

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