China: 100,000 New Believers in Xinjiang in 3 Years

by FridayFax

China: 100,000 new believers in Xinjiang in 3 years

There is hardly a Christian movement which better demonstrates the true meaning of commitment than China's Christians. The following is a brief extract from a report by a Chinese couple visited by staff of the mission agency Aktion fuer Verfolgte Christen (Action for Persecuted Christians):

"Shortly after marrying in 1994, we traveled as missionaries to Xinjiang, with four other couples. We discovered 20-30 small churches with a total of around 300 believers. In a span of only three years, the growth was so strong that we had almost 500 churches in four districts, with a total of some 100,000 members. The government began persecuting the movement, infiltrating the churches and labeling it a cult in the local television.

"I was arrested, but was able to escape and now live in hiding. My wife Li (name changed) was arrested at the end of 1997, and taken to a women's prison, together with six other Christians, where she suffered hunger, torture and hard labor. In her free time, she preached the gospel to the other inmates. She was moved from one cell to another every three months, so at least half of the inmates heard the gospel."

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