Cancer Propels Buddhist to Christ

by Christian Aid's Missions Insider

Cancer Propels

The following testimony came from a 49-year-old native missionary in Myanmar:

I am the third of seven sons. We all became Buddhist monks, entering the monastery as we each turned 18. I traveled to India and Bangladesh to study the Buddhist scriptures.

After completing my studies and learning the disciplinary rules, meditations, breathing, sitting postures for yoga, and the Tripitaka scriptures, I was sent to a monastery to be a lecturer for the younger monks.

Even though I received all I needed, I was not happy. I had confusion over whether I would go to Nirvana or go through the cycles of birth and rebirth as a blind man or bad woman or animal. While I was agonizing over this, a childhood friend who was now a Christian came to visit me. He asked me to listen to a gospel message on the radio. I did, and after six months of listening the questions in my soul were answered. I studied the Bible secretly, convinced that Jesus Christ was the only Savior.

But I feared being rejected by my family. I tried to think of a way that I could continue on as a monk and still receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. My heart wrestled with my mind.

One day I suddenly felt a severe pain in my throat. I was examined at a hospital and was told I had throat cancer. They said nobody could help me and desperately I returned to the monastery.

My Christian friend heard about my plight and immediately came. He asked if I would like prayer and I said yes. By the third day, all the pain was gone. I went back to the hospital and they found that the cancer was completely healed.

I left the monastery, taking nothing but the robe I wore and a walking stick. I studied the Bible, was baptized, and after several years I heard the call of God to go wherever He calls me.

I have married a good wife and we have three sons. So far, the Lord has used me to reach nearly 200 converts from among strong Buddhists. I am very happy and praise the Lord for His presence with me.

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