Triumph Out of Tragedy in Guatemala

by AMG Missions Staff

Triumph Out of Tragedy in Guatemala

Less than two years ago Hurricane Mitch roared through Guatemala, wreaking havoc as thousands of homes were destroyed and countless families were left homeless. Among them were the families of many AMG-sponsored children.

But that seeming tragedy resulted in triumph. AMG provided immediate help with emergency shelter and food. Later, through the generous contributions of friends in America, we were able to build more than 140 small houses, each with its own bathroom, in a new community called Las Vistas. Since there was no school for children of the families relocating there, AMG built a 22-classroom school building, with pre-school facilities as well.

Teams of volunteers from the United States gave sacrificially of their time and money to help construct the school building. The most recent of these teams finished the auditorium this spring. Not only will it be used for school activities, but it will also serve as a church on Sundays.

At the first service, held on Resurrection Sunday, there were 14 adults and 30 children attending. The following Sunday the crowd grew to 30 adults and 50 children, and one man accepted the Lord! He immediately announced that he wanted to marry the woman he has been living with for several years. What a blessing!

Christians in this village will have an ongoing witness as unbelieving neighbors see the love of Christ demonstrated to their children by the workers in the child-care center. Little boys and girls whose parents cannot afford proper food or education will have a chance to grow up with nutritious food, education, and spiritual training. And every Sunday the school auditorium will be filled with those who are eager to hear the Word of God. Truly tragedy has resulted in triumph!

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