Chinese House Church Leader Hanged Upside-Down

Brother Huang, a 38-year-old house church leader in China's Heilongjiang Province, was arrested during a recent meeting, charged with illegal gathering, tied, hanged upside-down and fined, reports Voice of the Martyrs (Australia). Noting his condition while he was hanging, the Christians began pooling their money to pay the fine. His hands and arms were swelling, and his head was hurting. Normally believers will not pay fines for practicing their faith because they insist that they have done nothing wrong. However, in fear of his health, they raised 80 percent of the fine which the authorities accepted.

Huang came to faith in Christ seven years ago, saved from the life of alcoholism. Seeing the changes in his life, his wife also turned to the Lord, and now they serve Him together. They have had to split up their group of 80 members into 10 different meeting points because they are under the "heavy eye" of the police.

Religion Today via HCJB World Radio

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