Call Meetings Evangelistic Services


Pastor Dennis Nunn

Both Saddleback Valley Community Church (Rick Warren) and Willow Creek Community Church (Bill Hybels) catch a lot of flack from others in the body of Christ. As I read the letters of rebuke in the Reader's Forum directed toward Rick Warren my heart is saddened because Satan has succeeded in bringing more division into the body.

Both Rick and Bill take advantage of the fact that it is socially acceptable in our society for an unbeliever to visit a church. They both have created what I believe are more correctly described as evangelistic services on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. They teach their people that these services are not for believers, but for their members to bring the people for whom they are praying and witnessing.

Every critic should be in one of these "seeker services" as I recently was, to hear Bill teach and preach on the substitutionary atonement. I suspect he taught it clearer and in more detail than most pastors do to the saints. Both he and Rick unashamedly proclaim that receiving Jesus is the only way of being forgiven of our sins, becoming a child of God, and going to heaven. …If the critics could meet some of the thousands of committed servants of our Lord Jesus at these two churches, they would have to envy the servanthood that is so evident in the members.

Perhaps Rick and Bill could refer to these seeker services as evangelistic services when communicating with the brethren. Then their critics would also have to rail against Billy Graham and his methods.

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