Quiet and Little

by Jan Silvious

Quiet and Little

Hudson Taylor, the great missionary to China, once said, "When God wants to do His great works, He trains somebody to be quiet enough and little enough, then He uses that person."

I don't think Taylor is talking "timid and fearful." I think he's saying that only when we know where our strength comes from, only when we realize that we are really weak apart from the strength of God in us, do we become fully usable.

Each time I go into the studio to cut my weekly program, I am freshly aware of my weakness. With a five-minute format, I must watch the clock closely, and sometimes I have to rush to get everything in before the end of the segment. So my words get tangled. Somehow, though, in spite of the flaws, many of you have written, "You said just what I needed to hear." Only God could take an imperfect person with an imperfect script and make it what lots of others "need to hear."

Then there are those who feel "too quiet" and "too little," frighteningly inadequate and vulnerable to the big guns, the power people, the stronger personalities who tend to run over others.

If you have ever been victimized by one of these, God has good news for you: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" (2 Cor. 12:9).

God is at work in a variety of people who depend upon His strength. Two young men have recently come to my attention. David Ring, despite cerebral palsy and other related afflictions, is a powerful evangelist. David's speech is slurred and halting, and you wouldn't look at him twice if you passed him on the street, but God is using him mightily to reach the lost. Darryl Gilyard is a young black man who was abandoned early in life and grew up without a home. For no reason that is apparent to the onlooker, God has sovereignly chosen to bless Darryl's life. Remember, "[God's] strength is perfected in weakness."

Are you feeling weak and vulnerable today, too quiet...and too little? Do you feel that though God is obviously at work in others, He could never use someone like you?

Actually you may be just "quiet and little enough" for God's purposes. Why not give Him an opportunity to show what He can do through you? He delights in exalting His servants who know they can do nothing without Him.

From the 5-Minute Devotional

©Zondervan 1991

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