Loving the Life God Has Planned (a Guide to Knowing God's Will)

by Bill Thrasher

God purposed that humanity should like in harmony with Him and serve Him. That, however, changed when Satan tempted our original parents; sin then entered the world and caused every one of us to some degree to rebel against our Creator. The Lord Jesus Christ solved the sin dilemma by His death and resurrection. In this book, Bill Thrasher seeks to show how believers can and should live the life God rightly intended.

We begin with a study of God's evaluation of each person. He loves us. He accepts us. He has a purpose for each one. He lives in us. He empowers us to accomplish His purpose in us. The more we know of God the greater our opportunities for spiritual growth.

God is an eternal unchanging Spirit; He is also a person. He is the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise One who is everywhere. He is holy, righteous and faithful.

This perfect One we call God has a wonderful plan for each of us. He reveals His plan to those who listen to the word of Scripture. He also guides through the counsel of godly friends. Circumstances sometimes point us to the will of God. And He speaks through His Holy Spirit who indwells believers.

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