Five Roads to Walk With Jesus

by Donald W. Raub

Five Roads to Walk With Jesus

The Damascus Road - the Way of Submission:

The name means "activity." Damascus was located in Syria, north of Jerusalem. It was first mentioned in Genesis 14:15 in the account of Abraham's battle with Lot's captors. This is the road where Jesus confronted Saul with heavenly light so brilliant that he fell to the ground in submission (Acts 9:3,4). Saul's conversion was surely more dramatic than most, yet all who belong to Christ have walked this road. The light of the gospel, if obeyed, brings us into submission to the Savior.

The Calvary Road - the Way of Sacrifice:

The name means "Golgotha" or "place of the skull." This road was probably a rough, beaten path which led to the place of execution. This is the road to the place Jesus was crucified. Simon, from Syrene carried the cross along this road to Calvary where Jesus shed His blood for our redemption. On top of a hill, at the end of this road, the most important event in all of history occurred. The Lamb of God was slain for us. Every true Christian has walked this road to full acceptance of God's sacrifice for us. It is not a pleasant road, but it is most necessary. From the "place of the skull" comes the hope of eternal life.

The Jericho Road - the Way of Compassion:

The name means "a fragrant place." It is an old road, mentioned in Numbers 22:1. The Children of Israel entered the Promised Land by way of the ancient city of Jericho. In the New Testament, the road to Jericho was the setting for the account of the "Good Samaritan" (Luke 10:30). Also, blind Bartimaeus was healed by the Lord Jesus along this same road (Mark 10:46). This road of compassion needs to be traveled more frequently by those who love the Lord.

The Emmaus Road - the Way of Fellowship:

The name means "hot springs." It was on this road, in the afternoon of the day of His resurrection, that Jesus walked with two disciples. With heavy hearts, the disciples discussed the death of their Redeemer, and that His body was now missing from the tomb. Oh, how they needed fellowship. Jesus joined them, but in their grief and confusion they did not recognize Him even though He explained everything to them. Jesus knew exactly what they needed and He provided fellowship at the most crucial time. We as Christians often walk this road, and we should. At times we need fellowship, and at other times we provide fellowship for others who walk this road. At the end of the day, Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples by breaking bread as He had done so many times before. Remember, Jesus is always near even though we may not be aware of His intimate presence (see Luke 24:13-31).

The Highway of the Redeemed - the Way of Holiness:

This is the road of which Isaiah wrote approximately 700 B.C. It is a road where only the redeemed can walk. Those without a clean heart will never get near. It is a place of safety, provided by God for His children. It is on this road that the "ransomed of the Lord" shall sing songs with everlasting joy and gladness. "...sorrow and sighing shall flee away" (Is. 35:8-10).

All five of these roads are vital to those who have hope of eternal life. Have you walked along each of these roads?

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