Pornographers Take Over Old Christian Web Sites

Former Web sites of Christian organizations have been snapped up by someone in Armenia, and now surfers visiting those sites find themselves being offered X-rated movies. The sites include former Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer's, which he was required by law to relinquish after the election, and a little-used Web address for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Additionally, Web Manager Mike Saunier, with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, told of an unofficial CMA address that was grabbed, as well as one belonging to a New England church.

"This is a problem that appears to be growing, and is clearly a problem that is facing many organizations and businesses," said ACLJ spokesman Gene Kapp.

Focus on the Family Internet Research Analyst Steve Watters said anyone who has a domain name should realize that they're not really buying it. Rather, they should see the arrangement as a rental agreement. "They need to have a sense of who's going to come get that when they're finished with it," Watters said.

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