Myanmar Tribes Coming to Christ

Since the early 1970s Daniel Fish has walked thousands of miles, sometimes up to 40 miles a day, visiting village after village in Myanmar (Burma) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a member of the Lisu tribe and the leader of the Myanmar-based United Christian Mission, Daniel has a burden for his tribe and others in this Southeast Asian country.

The Lisu tribe of China and Southeast Asia first heard the gospel from an Englishman, J.O. Fraser, in 1910. He gave up a chance to serve in the English parliament, choosing instead to go to China as a missionary. He devised a script for the Lisu language as well as a method of musical notation, and translated the New Testament into Lisu. There are now more than 120,000 Christians among the Lisu tribe in China, 100,000 in Myanmar, 10,000 in northeastern India, and 5,000 in Thailand.

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