Praise and Prayer

Pray: The government of Saudi Arabia appears to be launching a major sweep of Christians in the city of Jeddah. At midnight on July 25, five agents of the Ministry of Interior raided another home of a Christian suspected of leading home meetings at which Christians gather for prayer and Bible study. Eskinder Menghis, an Ethiopian working in Saudi Arabia, was arrested and the agents gathered up Bibles, books, family photos, video and audio tapes. Eskinder's name was one of several on a list extracted by psychological torture from Prabhu Isaac a week earlier. One frantic Christian, whose name is also on the list, called the Washington, DC, office of International Christian Concern pleading, "Does anyone care that we Christians are targeted by the intolerant Muslim regime for elimination?" "Please", he says, "pray for us; but not only pray: speak up for us."

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