Praise and Prayer

Praise: A Muslim group based in Staten Island, N.Y., is said to be the first to help fight the enslavement of Christians in Sudan. A unique fund- and conscience-raising gathering held at the end of July also apparently represents the first time any Muslim group anywhere has publicly condemned the enslavement of Sudanese Christians by government-sponsored Muslim militias. The fund-raiser was the brainchild of Dave Morales, a convert to Islam. His inspiration came, he said, from a group of neighborhood children who learned about it last year at their public school. The more Morales learned, the more upset he became, and the result is the Operation Freedom Muslim Association, a group Morales founded in June specifically to oppose the forced conversion and enslavement of Sudanese Christians by Muslim extremists. Tickets to the event cost $20 per person-or looked at another way, each couple who attended bought freedom for another human being.

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