He Has a Name

by Jan Silvious

He Has a Name

How important is your name to you?

My name is pretty important to me. It gives me an identity that sets me apart from other people. It brings either a negative or positive response from others, depending on what their interactions with me have been. It is a representation of the person I am.

We don't appreciate people messing with our names. My mom recently had someone use her name to get a government agency to do something. Without asking permission, these people wrote a note and signed it with what they claimed was her signature. Needless to say, she was livid. You can get by with a lot of things, but when you misuse a person's name, you have stepped over the line.

That's why I'm concerned. I've done a lot of work with people trapped in dependencies and addictions. Many find help in support groups and twelve-step programs which often skirt the issue of identifying the ultimate Source of help. These programs refer to a "Higher Power," "God, as you know Him," or "Universal Force" instead of using His real name, Jesus Christ.

Acts 4:12 tells us plainly that "salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." Salvation (of the soul and wholeness of the total being) comes only through Jesus. There is power in His name because it speaks of who He is.

An unknown author has said, "Today, whenever you feel a need, just whisper His name-Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.' You will find the power to handle the circumstance."

I once saw a woman hit by a car and was the first on the scene to offer help. She was conscious and overly excited. When I repeated the name of Jesus over and over and prayed aloud for His peace, I could see immediately that this had a calming effect on her. I don't know if the woman knew Jesus personally, but she recognized the power of His name.

I could have been "tolerant" and said, "Let's call on God as you know Him" or I could have prayed, "O Higher Power, we make an appeal for your peace." But that would be like my husband calling me on the phone and addressing me as "Woman" or "Wife" instead of using my name, which is personal and very specific.

The name of Jesus is personal and very specific. Some Christians may not call on Him by name because they're so afraid thy will violate someone else's rights or offend their "significant other." But I think these believers are too tolerant. It's time to speak up and boldly declare, "As for me, I will serve the Lord and His name is Jesus Christ!"

From the 5-Minute Devotional

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