Oh, Giver of Every Good and Perfect Gift

by Owen Cosgrove

Oh, Giver of Every Good and Perfect Gift

Oh, giver of every good and perfect gift,

We pause to give thee praise

For all the joys and blessings

That have followed all our days.

For our families and our loves ones

And for all the joy they bring,

And for our food and clothing

And, our God, for everything

That has been done throughout the ages

To make our lives so bright and fair,

And for all the things we cannot count

That show your love and care.

Oh, Father, may we ever know

From whom all blessing flow

And ne'er take Thee for granted

In our living here below.

May we never be ungrateful

Or forget your kingly hand

That has shielded us from evil

In this blessed freedom's land.

And may our soul's rejoicing

In Thy goodness ever be

As our hearts are filled with praises

And with gratitude to Thee.

Via Bulletin Digest

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