Unshakable Foundations

by Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino

Throughout history some have held that truth cannot possibly be absolute. Reality exists in the mind of the beholder. That philosophy continues to live today. Faulty thinking abounds in science, law, philosophy, and morality because rules or principles are built upon faulty premises.

Geisler and Bocchino contend that absolute truth exists today as it has always existed. That truth has its foundations in the revealed Word of God. Beginning with Aristotle's first principles, the authors point out that certain "truths" exist in the universe. These truths are so obvious that we accept them as true. These "truths" form the foundation of intellectual inquiry.

The writers examine modern thought based on ultimate truth from the revealed Word. Their conclusions are not always grounded in popular thought and culture. Rather, Geisler and Bocchino show that popular positions held today are built on faulty presuppositions. As an example, the writers show that modern macroevolution cannot possible be true. Evolutionists themselves admit that the fossil record is virtually devoid of transitional life form.

Other topics discussed in the book are Jesus, ethics, heaven and hell, abortion, euthanasia, evil, and cloning. These writers present information surrounding popular beliefs. These beliefs are then examined to see if they are founded in faulty reasoning.

The authors present especially powerful arguments against abortion and euthanasia.

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