A Unity Cordial

by Steven Clark Goad

Author Steven Clark Goad writes from a Church of Christ perspective about the sad experience of the Restoration Movement-which was born in the nineteenth century with the goal of calling Jesus Christ's splintered followers back into wholeness and unity. However, the movement quickly lost its initial impetus, and stripped the content from such grand slogans as "In matters of faith, unity; in matters of opinion, liberty; in all things, love"-degenerating into factional quarrels over points as minor as whether communion should be served from one goblet or individual cups.

"From expedient to tradition to creedonly requires one or two generations," Goad notes.

His is an admirable attempt to call the tattered movement back to its original goal of seeking the unity for which our Lord Jesus prayed (John 17:20,21) and which Paul preached (Eph. 4). It is a lesson every denomination (as well as non-denominations!) could profit from. And may we join the author in his heartfelt yearning to be "one in Christ with all of my siblings the world over."

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