Telling the Old, Old Story

by David L. Larsen

Biblical preaching takes many forms: exposition, history, biography and topical. Larsen's book shows us the power of narrative preaching. The Old and New Testaments are filled with stories that instruct, warn, predict, or inspire. Today's preacher can capture the attention of his audience by skillful telling of biblical narratives. Almost any type of "story" can be told as narrative.

The art of the storyteller utilizes biography, history, prophecy, parables, miracles, and other genres. By carefully crafting his message the minister can reach the hearts and souls of his audience. Let us consider one topic-eschatology.

Eschatology can emphasize the redemption of Israel, the redemption of the individual or the redemption of the church. This redemption can center on the present or it can emphasize the culmination of the ages when Israel, the individual and the church are with Christ. Eschatology can emphasize the journey of one person (biography), the journey of an individual (godly living) or the journey of the Body of Christ (the Great Commission).

The parables of Jesus are replete with the pathos of human emotion: the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, the Seed and the Sower, and on and on.

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