Use of Scripture Labeled "Hate Speech"

Saskatchewan's Human Rights Commission has ruled that a newspaper ad which featured four scriptural admonitions against unnatural sex "exposed gays to hatred," and awarded three plaintiffs $1,500 each for "pain and suffering" at the expense of Hugh Owens, who placed the ad.

Owens had placed the ad as a response to a Gay Pride Week advertisement, and decided that the "celebration of sin" demanded a response. Besides the quotations from the Bible, his ad contained an image of two men holding hands, with the circle-with-a-slash "no" sign superimposed over the image. "Basically, the message was, These four Bible passages equal "no" to homosexuality," Owens said. "The Human Rights Commission (judged) that the Bible is in violation of the code," he added. Owens planned to appeal the ruling.

Based on a CitizenLink article by Dave Clark

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