The Real Stem Cell Issue

by Joseph Harris

The Real Stem Cell Issue

The real issue about stem cell research has not been fully dealt with properly by most people, from President George Bush on down. The issue is not about finding a cure for diseases and infirmities. The issue is not about whether to use fertilized embryos that will never be implanted in a uterus. The real issue is about when life begins and whether anyone other than God has the right to play God.

If life doesn't begin at conception, then when? To some, it may seem radical to believe that a fertilized human egg is more than just a microscopic clump of human tissue or matter. (What's radical is to believe that a baby is not a human life until it sees the light of day at birth.) It is certain that a fertilized egg one day old, or a cluster of stem cells, at six days, is not a developed, formed human being. But does that mean it is still not human life? And if it is life (which it certainly is), doesn't that mean that whoever chooses what happens to it, is playing God? Let me answer: YES!

We have seen Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve paraded in front of the news cameras to pull on the compassion strings of our hearts. A cure for these guys, and others, would be great. But at what price? It is never right to do wrong. If two wrongs don't make a right, then you can bet that 2,000 wrongs would be 2,000 times less likely to make a right. However, a society guided by a philosophy of situational ethics has fine-tuned the art of justifying murder and calling it "choice," "freedom," and "research."

So now murder is research for the good of all, at the expense of the helpless. And don't think this technology won't expand to using whoever it needs at whatever age to experiment, given enough time and defusing of the American people. Anytime government begins to legislate in moral matters-and the issue of life is as moral as it gets-God comes up on the short end.

If I one day become confined to a wheelchair for whatever debilitating reason, don't you dare take another person's life for a slim, unknown chance of curing me. One person's life is just as valuable and sacred as another person's life, because we are all made in the image of God. God is the One who gives life and is supposed to be the one to take it. Liberals believe in taking money from the "haves" and giving to the "have nots." We should not be surprised when we see their health redistribution philosophy is consistent with their wealth redistribution philosophy.

So, here is the answer to stem cell research. Tread lightly and use common sense when dealing with human life. Period. The end never justifies the means. All the potential good that may come from the research does not outweigh violating God's commandment to sanctify human life.

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