Believers Church Bible Commentary-Mark

by Timothy J. Geddert

Timothy Geddert has given us an excellent conservative commentary on an often-neglected synoptic Gospel. He compares and contrasts Mark's Gospel with the other two synoptic Gospels and explains their differences and variations. His exposition enlightens the text.

The writer takes a passage of Scripture, explains the meaning and draws several conclusions. These other conclusions include placing the passage within the larger biblical context, emphasizing other doctrines in the light of this passage and making an application for present-day Christians.

Mark 16:9-20 was not contained in the older manuscripts. This disputed passage recounts the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His Great Commission. Geddert believes that later copyists added the disputed verses because they believed the gospel narrative was "incomplete." Not so, states Geddert. The church was alive and active and had already begun to proclaim the resurrection to those about Jerusalem and beyond. Mark, he says, did not need to add an ending to a continuing narrative. Not all readers will follow where the author leads on this passage.

An excellent outline of the book of Mark and several enlightening essays are included in the back section of the book.

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