Response to Ted Kyle's Article on Burial Practices


Pastor Jerry D. Locke

It amazed me that Pulpit Helps has endorsed cremation. With regard to an appropriate burial the article stated, "Any means of disposal which is in good taste, legal, and reasonable. This includes, we fully believe, cremation." Who is the "we" here? Are you speaking for Pulpit Helps or simply from those with whom you associate?

I will not try to prove that cremation has its origin among the pagans, but how can destroying a human body by cremation be in good taste and reasonable, even if it is legal (abortion is also legal).

Your standard of "in good taste, legal, and reasonable" failed to include "scriptural." What does the Bible say? God's people have always practiced burial. The list in the Bible is incontrovertible. The Bible says Abraham, Sarah, Rachel, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, Eleazar, Samuel, David, John the Baptist, Ananias and Sapphira, Stephen, and yes, Jesus Christ was buried.

I suppose the pronouncement of scriptural baptism should be changed to, "Cremated with Christ in baptism." If a Christian's body is to be physically buried in baptism to picture the burial and resurrection of Christ, would not the cremation of a believer's body be a contradiction to that profession?

Instructions have been given to my family not to cremate me, but to see that I am given an "appropriate burial."

Editor's response: The "we" whose opinion was given is the author's wife and himself-as the article plainly stated. No endorsement by Pulpit Helps was implied. We had our say-and now you've had yours. But I must reiterate that the Bible doesn't "say" anything about burial as a command or precept.

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