Holly's Miracle

by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Holly's Miracle

Holly told our house church that she had, on impulse, bought an early Christmas gift for her daughter. Being a single mother, she is forever pinching pennies, trying to be both father and mother to her only child, living frugally in their mobile home outside the city, and always seeking to grow in her soul in hopes of being a better Christian.

"I realized," she related, "that after purchasing that early present that I had not acted all that wisely, knowing my finances. My rent was due; I was $30 short on that score. And I just can't send in a check to my landlord with the statement that I don't have the full amount at the moment. So I was faced with interest on an incomplete rental payment. Besides, I remembered that my car was out of gas.

"Short on money again! And yet I bought-on impulse-my daughter a gift that I wanted her to have very, very much. So how was all this to work out? Obviously, I was not really too pleased with myself."

Holly recounted how she became quite worried about it all, realizing that the deadline for her rent payment would be past due if she delayed. Further, how would she get to and from work on an empty tank?

God's answer was already at hand. "When I retrieved the morning mail, I realized that in my hand, besides the junk mail, was an envelope from a long lost friend who lives in Rhode Island. What is this all about?' I wondered.

"Hurriedly I slipped open the envelope, discovering a check for $50 dollars tucked inside a friendly note. I could not believe this! There in my hand was my $30 for rent and $20 for gas! God knew that I needed that money that very day! He really knew all that all along!

"Then, later in the day, the phone rang, with my Rhode Island friend on the other end. He said something about being sorry for getting the money to me later than he had planned. The fact is that he did not owe me any money. He just sent $50 as a kindness. So I interrupted him to say, No, no. You are wrong. I mean you are so right in sending this gift to me today. Today is just the day that I needed it. God knew it. And He saw to it. Thank you so very much for listening to the voice of God!! Thank you so very, very much.'"

Yes, it is true. The invisible One delights in making Himself visible-on time, in His way.

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