'Untouchables' on Verge of Turning to Christ

Gospel for Asia reports leaders of some 300 million Dalits (low-caste "untouchables") may be about to lead their people to embrace Christianity. Over the past few months, these leaders have been in dialogue with the All India Christian Council (AICC), says Gospel for Asia.

The Dalits had one simple request: "The only way for our people to find freedom from 3,000 years of slavery is to quit Hinduism and Castism and embrace another faith. Christianity offers hope for us. We would be happy if our people would become Christians. Can you help us?"

This request culminated in a historic meeting on Sept. 7 in Hyberabad, India, where 740 Evangelical leaders from across India met with 26 Dalit leaders to discuss how this movement should be handled. On Nov. 4, 1 million low-caste Dalits were expected to meet in Delhi, India, for a mass conversion event to Buddhism. Originally, the Dalits were to be asked to convert only to Buddhism. Now, by God's grace, the option of finding freedom in Christ will also be presented.

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