Afghanistan's "Secret" Christians Thrive in Remote Villages

Small clandestine Christian congregations are slowly spreading in remote villages of Afghanistan, sources in Pakistan and the U.S. told United Press International in recent interviews. This development in a country run by Muslim radicals feeds chiefly on three sources, said Gary Lane, news director of Voice of the Martyrs (VOM): first, Afghanis encounter local Christians in refugee camps in Pakistan; second, Christian shortwave radio stations broadcast programs in Pashtu, Dari, and Farsi, the principal Afghan languages; third, thousands of Bibles in these languages are smuggled into the country by VOM. A prominent Pakistani Christian said, "Afghanis walk sometimes for three or four days to attend Bible study classes in Peshawar and other places along the border." He said a clandestine Bible school exists for this purpose, adding that there is also a correspondence school for Muslims who want to know more about Christianity. Converts to Christianity risk execution, Lane pointed out.

United Press International via MissionNet Summary News

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