Divorce Case Dismissals Soar Since Sept. 11

Dismissals in divorce cases have skyrocketed in the Harris County, Texas, Family Law courts since Sept. 11. Couples now say they will try to patch things up. The Houston Chronicle reported that in the first 10 working days since the day tragedy struck, about 400 family-law suits were dismissed. "It's a small sample, but one supported by anecdotal evidence from lawyers with clients who suddenly want to stop even contentious divorces."

One lawyer, Annette Henry, said she received telephone calls from clients right after the explosions, canceling their appointments. She waited for them to reschedule, but instead heard them say, "I just couldn't go through with it. Now I want to keep the family together." Henry says when someone files for divorce, the problems seem huge and insurmountable ... but with a tragedy like this, whatever (the problem) was, no longer seems so significant.

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