Shot-Down Missionary Pilot Returns to Peru

Missionary pilot Kevin Donaldson has had five surgeries to stabilize and repair injuries to his left leg when a Peruvian military aircraft, last April 20, opened fire on his Cessna, mistaking it for a drug plane. Now he anticipates resuming his missionary work in Peru-hopefully including ministering to the Peruvian pilots who shot his plane down.

Two of his passengers, Ronnie Bowers and her infant daughter, were killed as the plane was shot at. "I have about another month with the cane, and then I'm on my own," Donaldson told the Tri County Record in Geigertown, Pa. "The doctors say it won't be completely healed... for another year," he added.

Donaldson also noted: "There's a lot of work that has to be done in Peru. ... We need to evaluate and proceed maybe in a little different direction for now, until the leg heals." Donaldson expects to be ministering alongside his father for the next few months, as well as counseling and ministering one-on-one with several of the village men along the Amazon. "We'll also be involved in planning a multi-purpose building for the nationals."

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