King Came Preaching (the Pulpit Power of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

by Mervyn A. Warren

Any list of the most influential Americans of the twentieth century would include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A number of books have been written about his role and impact on the civil rights movement in the United States. Mervyn Warren has written an excellent book on a part of Dr. King's life that has been largely overlooked by others. In this book Dr. Warren provides us an in-depth look at Dr. King's preaching style and content. Usually people think of Dr. King as a successful civil rights leader, but one should note that first and foremost, he was a preacher.

The various factors contributing to the development of Dr. King as a preacher, examined in the book, include heritage, education, life experiences, and the times in which he lived. Understanding King as a preacher provides a much clearer picture of King as a man and civil rights leader.

Dr. Warren devotes two chapters to the content of King's sermons, a chapter to style and a chapter to sermon design, preparation, and delivery. Also included are samples of King's sermons. The chapter on "Language in Kingly Style" provides invaluable insight into why Dr. King gave such attention to the choice of words he used in his sermons.

King Came Preaching is an exceptional volume that provides detailed treatment and refreshing insight into Dr. King's life as a preacher of the gospel.

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