The Story of Spiritual Christianity

by Gordon Mursell, gen. ed.

This book contains a brief outline of church history from its beginnings to modern times. It is profusely illustrated with noted ancient graphics, paintings, and photographs. Each chapter begins with a list of significant events that transpired in this year of church history.

The title gives a clue to the book's contents. Each epoch of church history had its "saints" who made an impact on their day and for the days to come. In addition to persons, religious movements had a significant impact. For example, the early church fathers had to deal with the error of Gnosticism.

A book of this size cannot hope to cover church history in detail. However, the authors discuss the controversy between the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity, the Protestant Reformation, English reformers and the Protestant tradition in America.

Brief sketches of modern spiritual leaders are included: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, E. Stanley Jones, Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Billy Graham.

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