21% Rise in World Baptisms Reported

Bible League offices worldwide report a record number of people baptized into church membership during 2001. Staff in 46 countries counted 219,074 new believers discipled and baptized during the year, a 21% increase from 2000. "To put these results in perspective, each week our worldwide partners are reporting another Pentecost event' with more than 4,200 converts being discipled, baptized and received into church membership," said David Stravers, executive vice president of ministry. "In Acts 2:41 it say that 3,000 people responded to Peter's Pentecost sermon." The Bible League also reported that nearly 1.9 million people completed Bible studies to earn their own New Testament or Bible, up 12% from 2000, and 3,075 new churches established in areas where no church had existed, up 13 percent.

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