Seeking the Silver Lining in Argentina

by Larry Malone

On the Field with AMG Missions

On the Field with AMG Missions

Being in the middle of a disastrous economic crisis, the nation of Argentina has made headlines in the news recently. Desperate people have been killed in riots, and the destruction is widespread.

Recently AMG International received an urgent request from Pastor Jorge Ovando, who is a ministry-partner with AMG: "Please pray for Argentina!"

Pastor Ovando writes, "The majority of the people of Argentina are suffering because of the enormous social and economic crisis we are experiencing. The unemployment situation is the worst it has been in years, and the Argentina peso has been devalued by 50 percent. Four of the largest supermarkets in Lujan were recently overrun and looted; one of the owners was shot. Martial law was declared because of the riots, which resulted in 16 deaths and over 200 injuries. The situation we are facing is truly dreadful from a human standpoint, but it presents a wonderful opportunity for God's people to show forth and speak of His love."

For a little over two years, AMG has been placing gospel ads in newspapers in the city of Lujan, which has a population of over 90,000. Lujan is known as "the place where God and men meet." This is especially true because of the testimony of the World Evangelization Baptist Church led by Pastor Ovando. This church has a vibrant testimony because of the many avenues through which members have been expressing the love of God in their city. First and foremost is the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, followed by the life and personal testimony of believers.

This church reaches out to its community through a radio broadcast, newspaper evangelism, Bible correspondence school, a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, a shelter for the homeless, sports evangelism, and what they call Comedor Infantil-a soup kitchen where more than 120 children are fed, Monday through Friday.

Pray that God will use Pastor Ovando and his people during these difficult days to share their faith and their resources with those who so desperately need them-and Him. In the midst of this tremendous crisis, the message of the gospel must be heard more clearly than ever. Christ is the only one who can restore hope in people's hearts.

Larry Malone is director of missions for AMG International.

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