Rekindled Flame, the Passionate Pursuit of God

by Steve Fry

Rekindled Flame opens with Steve Fry's account of brokenness, as a result of being betrayed by a friend. It ends with lines from a song he had written at a time when, as he says, the flame of his passion for God burned low: "...Awake my soul, and let the fire of God rekindle vision's flame...." In between, Fry shares the joy of seeking and finding intimacy with God, through worship, praise, prayer, and simply reveling in His presence.

God, who created us through and for His love, delights in fulfilling His children's desire for closeness and intimacy, the author says. "It is the yearning of a Bridegroom who wants us more than our deepest need to be wanted. Our God is a Lover, whose pleasure it is give Himself away...." What gets in the way of this desired intimacy is us-our absorption in ourselves and our world.

Fry cautions that our seeking nearness to God must be focused on our Lord Jesus Christ, not on His gifts and blessings. In fact, the author says: "Contentment with His blessings without an appetite for His presence can be one of the most dangerous of all deceptions, for we can take His blessing as a sign of approval, while ignoring areas where our lives are slowly being polluted."

This book should challenge each child of God to "remember therefore from whence [we are] fallen, and repent and do the first works"-and seek the rekindled flame of our first love.

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