Recent Releases

21st Century Christian

This Present Chaos, Faithful Living in a World Out of Control , Steven Clark Goad, 2001, 21st Century Christian, $12.50, 331 pages, softcover

Baker Books

Rethinking the Successful Church, Finding Serenity in God's Sovereignty , Samuel D. Rima, 2001, Baker Books, $12.99, 192 pages, softcover

Broadman & Holman Publishers

Beneath the Surface, Steering Clear of the Dangers That Could Leave You Shipwrecked , Bob Reccord, 2002, Broadman & Holman Publishers, $12.99, 127 pages, hardcover

On Mission With God, Living God's Purpose for His Glory , Avery T. Willis, Jr. and Henry T. Blackaby, 2002, Broadman & Holman Publishers, $19.99, 256 pages, hardcover

Crossway Books

The God of Promise and the Life of Faith, Understanding the Heart of the Bible , Scott J. Hafemann, 2001, Crossway Books, $19.99, 256 pages, softcover

Eerdmans Publishing

Beyond Doubt, Faith-Building Devotions on Questions Christians Ask , Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., 2002, Eerdmans Publishing, $16.00, 335 pages, softcover

Gospel Light

What Every Sunday School Teacher Should Know, 24 Secrets That Can Help You Change Lives , Elmer L. Towns, 2001, Gospel Light, $5.39, 180 pages, softcover

InterVarsity Press

Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues, Exploring the Spiritual Themes of The Lord of the Rings , Mark Eddy Smith, 2002, InterVarsity Press, $10.99, 141 pages, softcover

Kregel Publications

The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Christian Heritage in England , Daniel A. Scalberg, 2002, Kregel Publications, $10.99, 96 pages, softcover


The Message, the Old Testament Books of Moses , Eugene H. Peterson, 2001, NavPress, $23.00, 596 pages, hardcover

Tyndale House Publishers

Bringing Up Boys, Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Men , Dr. James C. Dobson, 2001, Tyndale House Publishers, $22.99, 284 pages, hardcover

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