Mission to Rebuild School for Afghan Girls

Even before the Taliban banned girls from school, only 10 percent of Afghan girls, and less than a third of the boys, had any formal education. As a result, many girls have never been inside a classroom, reports World Vision in a press release. Schools, many in an appalling condition, can accommodate fewer than half of the girls seeking to enroll. Considering the obstacles, together with the decades of war and years of brutal repression by the Taliban regime, World Vision has pledged more than $200,000 to rebuild schools in Herat. "Girls sit on the floor and on rocks, shivering because the rooms have no heat," says Philip Mahar, a World Vision aid worker in Afghanistan. Their "blackboards" are the dirty white walls, and only the luckiest teachers have books and other supplies. World Vision plans to rebuild six schools while renting temporary facilities for about 3,000 girls until the schools are ready. The ministry also plans to extend education and school reconstruction programs beyond Herat in future years.

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