Traditional Marriage Said 'Not Legally Sufficient' in Canada

After two years of research, an independent government-funded agency has determined that the definition of "marriage" no longer is sufficient, stating that "Canadian laws and statutes that use traditional marriage as the guideline for certain rights and responsibilities are out-of-date, and need revision."

As reported by ChristianWeek (of Canada), the authors of "Beyond Conjugality," a report by the Law Commission of Canada (LCC), said "Marriage is no longer a sufficient model, given the variety of relationships that exist in Canada today." In response, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) explained that "Marriage was born in the heart of God as the essential building block at the foundation of the human race." EFC president Gary Walsh said, "It is frustrating to watch the architects of public policy try to break marriage into its component parts."

Recommendations from the LCC will be submitted to Parliament for review.

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