Recent Releases

Baker Books

A Better Way (Rediscovering the Drama of God-Centered Worship) , Michael Horton, 2002, Baker Books, $19.99, 249 pages, hardcover

After "I Believe" (Experiencing Authentic Christian Living) , Mark D. Roberts, 2002, Baker Books, $12.99, 206 pages, softcover

Churches That Make a Difference (Reaching Your Community with Good News and Good Works) , Ronald J. Sider, Philip N. Olsen and Heidi Rolland Unruh, 2002, Baker Books, $19.99, 355 pages, softcover

Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Symbols of the Christian Faith , Alva William Steffler, 2002, Eerdmans Publishing Co., $12.00, 166 pages, softcover

Finding the Will of God (a Pagan Notion?) , Bruce K. Waltke, 2002, Eerdmans Publishing Co., $15.00, 187 pages, softcover

Evangel Publishing House

Prophetical-Priestly Ministry (the Biblical Mandate for the 21st Century Pastor) , Darius L. Salter, 2002, Evangel Publishing House, $16.95, 184 pages, softcover

Herald Press

Threatened with Resurrection (Self-Preservation and Christ's Way of Peace) , Jim S. Amstutz, 2002, Herald Press, $16.99, 109 pages, softcover

Howard Publishing

Covenant Marriage , Dr. Fred Lowery, 2002, Howard Publishing, $19.99, 256 pages, hardcover

The Jesus Touch (Learning the Art of Relationship From the Master) , Lynn Anderson, 2002, Howard Publishing, $14.99, 256 pages, softcover

InterVarsity Press

The IVP Women's Bible Commentary (an Indispensable Resource for All Who Want to View the Scripture Through Different Eyes) , Catherine Clark Kroeger and Mary J. Evans, editors, 2002, InterVarsity Press, $29.99, 874 pages, hardcover

The Throne, the Lamb & the Dagon (a Reader's Guide to the Book of Revelation) , Paul Spilsbury, 2002, InterVarsity Press, $16.99, 155 pages, softcover

Waging Peace on Islam , Christine A. Mallouhi, 2002, InterVarsity Press, $14.99, 348 pages, softcover

Kregel Publications

Shepherding the Small Church (a Leadership Guide for the Majority of Today's Churches) , Glenn Daman, 2002, Kregel Publications, $14.99, 285 pages, softcover

Multnomah Publishers

Is America in Bible Prophecy? , Mark Hitchcock, 2002, Multnomah Publishers, $7.99, 128 pages, softcover

What on Earth is Going on? , Mark Hitchcock, 2002, Multnomah Publishers, $7.99, 128 pages, softcover

Regal Books

The Measure of a Church (Following the One True Standard) , Gene A. Getz, 2001, Regal Books, $12.99, 200 pages, softcover

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