Massive Starvation Faces Malawi

Reports indicate that up to 70 percent of Malawi's population faces starvation. Indigenous Christian ministries are doing all they can to assist, but outside help is desperately needed. A missionary leader said that Malawi President Bakili Muluzi declared a state of disaster on Feb. 26. The following day it was announced that 7 million of Malawi's 10 million people are starving. Last year's heavy rains flooded out most crops, leaving the country's agricultural economy in ruins. "Churches are just crying, not knowing what to do," the missionary said. "So we call upon all the Christian family to stand with us in prayer as well as in practical help." Some of the people are trying to survive by eating a native grass, but that gives them cholera-like symptoms of nausea and diarrhea. Meanwhile, Malawi's predominantly Muslim business community is taking advantage of the situation by distributing relief aid from Islamic countries in Asia and using this as an opportunity to spread Islamic doctrine in rural areas.

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