Things Unseen

by Mark Buchanan

"One day, the Bride of Christ, near blind now, will stand before her Bridegroom at the Wedding Feast, and the veil will be removed, the scales will fall away, and we will see Him face-to-face and know Him even as we are fully known. And He will be more beautiful than we ever imagined."

This-being united with our heavenly Bridegroom-should be the obsession of the Bride in waiting. Not a nice after-thought, to be welcomed after we have drained the last possible drop of earthly enjoyment, but the preoccupation of our every hour-so urges author Mark Buchanan.

This, he says, has been the attitude of Christians in past ages, from the Apostle Paul to our Pilgrim forefathers, and we in our generation need to slough off the world's way of looking at life and death. In fact, the author says, we cheat ourselves out of the rich enjoyment of life simply because we fail to live in the light of its evanescence. Buchanan calls our attention to the incompleteness of everything we experience: the pleasures we grasp after, but can never truly clutch. God designed us this way, he explains. This world is not our home, not really, and the fulfillments we seek can only be found in heaven.

"We hope in Christ not just because He feeds us, or heals us, or routs our enemies. Indeed, sometimes He doesn't do any of that; sometimes He turns us away empty-bellied, cancer-ridden, defeated. No, we hope in Christ because of who He is, because He has the words of eternal life."

But how are we to so live? "Look up.Simply look up. Make things above your obsession.Without a magnificent obsession, holiness is not a garden, but a tundra: an austere land of weariness and driven-ness, heartache and hard-heartedness."

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